I'll tell you about

my land ...





about Montefusco .... I



you on the rocky paths of history, in the footsteps of the kings and popes who lived in the ancient capital ... in the dark secrets of the gloomy prison, where the mighty walls still enclose the screams and sighs of heroes, rebels and brigands and together we will follow the footsteps of light of the blessed and the saints who crossed this land in search of God. time I will tell you the nuanced stories of the Faenzari, artists and artisans, then together we will listen to the silent echo of the pizzillare and the delicate guardians of the ancient art of tombolo. In the evocative setting of the ancient Oratory, on the threshold of the Eternal , we will discover the

ancient mysteries of the Brotherhood of San Giacomo and finally, in the plot of

this fascinating tale, I will reveal to you the profound and proud soul of my land. Emilia Dente, writer and guardian

of memory



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